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How to give the authentic Nuru Gel Massage to your love.

The latest awesome trend to move through America�s bedrooms is the Nuru Massage. A Nuru Gel Massage is a kind of body on body technique where people lube each other up with Nuru Gel and glide around on each other. It might sound a bit odd if you�ve never experienced it but trust me it is the best thing you�ve ever experienced. There is just something so sensual about experiencing your girlfriend glide along your body, using every bit of their body to satisfy you.

The Nuru Slide is made possible by some imported stuff called Nuru Slide Massage Gel. This Nuru is made in Asia from some type of deep seaweed. This causes it to be very slippery. But you do need to know some stuff before you can buy it.

It is key that you properly prepare the Nuru Slide Gel before the Nuru Massage. You must warm the massage gel by putting it in a bit of warm water. I usually just fill up my sink with heated water and drop the entire closed Nuru Slide bottle in for about twenty minutes.

While the Nuru Slide is warming up you can begin to get ready for your massage. It is necessary that you and your partner are wet. The chief way to achieve this is to enjoy bath together and to not dry afterwards. That is right, you both want to leave the shower and go directly to the Nuru Slide Massage without toweling off.

The massage needs to happen on either a set of PU bed covers or an inflatable mattress. You can�t use regular sheets or mattress because that would just suck up the Nuru Massage Gel! Most people endorse a normal air mattress that has a featureless vinyl top.

So now you have your warmed Nuru Gel Bottle, your vinyl sheets or mattress and you�re wet from the shower. The final point is to mix the gel in a bowl with a small amount of water. I just unscrew the top of the Nuru Slide bottle and empty about 1/2 of the bottle into the bowl. Then combine with a little water until you reach the perfect mixture. Be careful not to add excessive water! If you combine with too much it�lldry quicker than usual.

There�s the ending step! You�re completely ready for your Nuru Gel Massage. Place your lover back and drizzle a few portions of Nuru over their body. Now rub yourselves all around and enjoy your Nuru Slide experience.Nuru Gel\nRelated Sites : Nuru Gel

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